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What typifies a real Bull-Terrier?

A Bull-Terrier must radiate:

  1)  Strength - by bone structure and muscularity.

  2)  Royalty - by posture and temperament.

One needs  - at a distance of 100 meters - to be in no doubt 

"Here comes an English Bull-Terrier"

Unfortunately a lot of breeders/owners, confuse solidity with fat. They overfeed their dog, resulting in a big belly. With that the dog loses its trim and gets a heavy body, with ungainly movement.

A Bull-Terrier needs to look like a body-builder. One must be able to see the muscle structure - it must not be hidden by fat.

Through the bloodlines which we breed with, we have achieved breeding of powerful and majestic Bull-Terriers, with a super temperament.

The weight of our Bullies is between 32 kg. - for the females - and up to 38 kg. for the males.

We have had our Bullies listed among the top 3 in Denmark several times within the last decade. In 1999 we have had the joy that our male DKCH - KLBCH Bullington´s Disco Dog ( Mogens ) -won Best Danish Breed Bull-Terrier Male. In 2000 DKCH - KLBCH Bullington´s Disco Dog ( Mogens ) - won Best Bullterrier of the Year.

We have been so lucky, that we have borrowed the prettiest bitch from abroad. As she is bred through the same lines as Uffe, we expect a lot of this litter

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